Still Water, crying soul- the loneliness in between

for 15 string players and 1 conductor 

'Concentration, Intensity, Emptiness, Energy, Coordination and Endurance within the unforeseeable destiny– like a new born bird using the initial body language’. When I first saw the work of architect, Francisco J. Villaescusa (Spain, Barcelona), the strong sense of visual imagery and the familiarity of artistic resonance brought me into the sound world of Still Water.

Every player and instrument is independent and unique, what brings them together is the concentration and understanding of difference and similarity. I am trying to break the hierarchy within the string orchestra as well as between the orchestra and the conductor.


The stage set is based on one of Francisco Javier Villaescusa’s architectural structure.

Listen to the music: STILL WATER, Crying soul - the loneliness in between, performed by Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra (Sweden)

Tags: Ensemble/Orchestra