La solidificación de la memoria

Electroacoustic music

This piece was inspired by three paintings, “La armada del fin del mundo” (The army of the end of the world), “ Por soledades” (Through loneliness) and “Iqaro” from José Braulio Bedia Valdés, Cuban painter, whom I get to meet personally in the gallery where they exhibited his work in Lima.

“Those paintings are my impressions and memory of Peru” Mr. Bedia says, “I travel through places to look for inspiration. I make sketches of my idea in my notebook, and then I paint them in my studio back in Miami. What you saw in this exhibition is the result of last trip I took in Peru.”

“ Please let me compose a music piece for your paintings.” I say, “There are so many ideas and sounds in my head while I watch your work, I saw sounds between the lines, the colors and the shapes. I have to compose them down...”

Mr. Bedia says: “ Alright!”

This piece is an acoustic interpretation of a trip I never made. A foreign visual artist makes three paintings about a country in which I am a foreigner myself. These art pieces have sound for me, I listened to his visual journey.

The entire piece was made from sound recordings and recording from one of my choir music.

Listen to the music: 

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