Multi-channel audio-visual installation

Enjoy the live concert recording of Kaleidoscope at Fylkingen-new music and intermedia art, Stockholm, Sweden. June

“On a street corner I noticed the multiplicity of simultaneous visual and audible events all going together in one’s experience and producing enjoyment” - John Milton Cage

The first decade of the XXI is already behind us, and the advances in the field of communications – and the technology related to it – have changed the standards of human interaction. The world will never be the same again.

In the verge of this media / technology / communication revolution, we take a step back to think about the core of it all: Human expressions. We, as a race, have the need of communicating. We use the spoken and written word to reach people; our faces and bodies express emotions; art is a way of transforming feeling and thoughts into movement, colour, light and sound, etc… We are expressive individuals. However, communication can only happen within a context.

Kaleidoscope is an installation where human expressions are taken out of their natural context and set together in a non-existing space to blend and become something else. The make up process of the traditional Beijing Opera; the sound of the printing room in a newspaper factory; voices talking about freedom of speech in 7 different languages; the use of colours, and the space itself become layers of expression that are to be decoded and interpreted by the spectator, probably the most important character in the place.

As in every communication process it is the spectator who gives a meaning to the experience, regardless of which one it is.

Tags: Electroacoustic, Installation/Audio-visual