The Self

Multimedia performance-installation opera

The Self is a multimedia performance-installation opera that takes the psychoactive drug Ayahuasca as a thread to reach into its three main characters: a retired US forest servicer, his wife and a Shaman. Based on a fragmented non-linear storytelling drama, created and generated from elements of the story’s situations and characters, “The Self” takes the unique collaborative approach by using biological data as the base of narration and dramaturgical structure to challenge and transform the way in which operatic works are produced and consumed. It travels the space between a proscenium based work and an installation depicting an explosive encounter between new technologies and opera.

In collaboration with Margaret Schedel and Stony Brook University, this installation was selected to the New Work Residency at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York, USA. 

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Under production

Tags: Vocal/Opera, Electroacoustic, Installation/Audio-visual